A Warm Welcome to Our Homepage!

Contemplative Outreach of Rochester, NY Chapter or CO_RNY is a new Chapter of Contemplative Outreach started in August of 2015.

If you have any questions about Centering Prayer or would like us to make suggestions for an online Introduction to Centering Prayer,  please feel free to contact our Coordinator, Cheryl McElhatten at 585-749-9225 or email her at silvrfox@rochester.rr.com

                                           Basic Information

The 3 following books (read in this order) are recommended by and authored by Fr Thomas Keating and can be purchased from the “Store” on
http://www.contemplativeoutreach.org  or also available through amazon.com
and at CO_RNY events.

Open Mind, Open Heart- $22.00

Intimacy with God- $17.00

Invitation to Love- $ 17.00

View free Videos such as:
“Celebrating 30 Years of Grace and Gratitude” on You Tube (free 12:20 minute video) assembled by Contemplative Outreach Staff plus many more including Father Thomas Keating – “Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview”. You can find more videos by Fr Keating  by Googling his name.

To find us on  Facebook and ask to be a  “friend ” please contact Cheryl McElhatten at silvrfox@rochester.rr.com for details.

Please sign up for an account on Contemplative Outreach athttp://www.contemplativeoutreach.org and get on their mailing list.

While on their site and if you have a Google You Tube Account you can view many  wonderful video clips and more with Fr Thomas Keating guiding us on our Centering Prayer Practice.  Enjoy!

September 09, 2020