2020-2021 CO_RNY Upcoming Events


Centering Prayer Retreat with Mary Dwyer

Advent is a deep time of waiting in darkness that is often forgotten in our consumer-driven times.  Come and await with us in this Advent Zoom Retreat as we prepare to welcome new life/light/love.  This retreat supports and encourages our Centering Prayer practice.  We will have communal times of silent prayer and teaching.  We are called to be people of the true LIGHT, but without quiet and patience the true Spirit of the season can pass us by.

Facilitator: Mary Dwyer
Dates: Thursday December 3, 7:00 pm thru Sun. Dec. 6, 11:00 am
Fee: $250
​Note: Sessions times to be determined. All sessions will be via ZOOM
Please contact Mercy Spirituality Center at 585-473-6893 or register online at

Photos From A Facilitator Meeting at the Church of the Assumption, 20 East Avenue, Fairport, NY.  Our facilitators met for prayer, sharing and a hierarchy-hangar and network-yarn exercise.

This hieratchy-hangar model shows how someone on the top has all the power and control and distributes the information,  policies  and  ideas to the people below for them to pass on in the same manner while the one or ones near the bottom have little or no voice; a top down process.
In the network-yarn exercise below people shared yarn-ideas back and forth across the circle creating a weaving of sorts. As we looked at it some shared thoughts like what they saw: stars, interconnections, network, loose ends, more to connect with, groups to add, and spaces. The process seems to be organic.

A Day for Centering Pray-ers at the Mercy Spirituality Center, 65 Highland Ave Rochester NY.  


                                                       Our Facilitators


Our Blessed Group from United in Prayer Day on March 18, 2017! What a sense of Unity today as we gathered in prayer and solidarity with our Contemplative Communities around the world. Thank You for sharing your light.

Nancy Tosch, Tom Agness, Terry Mirante, Dorothy Lindsay, Janie Marini, Sandy Banke, Adal and Margarite Henriquez


Nancy Tosch, Tom Agness, Terry Mirante, Dorothy Lindsay, Cheryl McElhatten, Sandy Banke, Adal and Margarite Henriquez