COR_NY Weekly Zoom Centering Prayer Meeting

Welcome! Some EXCITING Opportunities

COR_NY is offering our FIRST of continuing Zoom Centering Prayer meetings: Friday Dec 4, 2020 and ALL future Fridays at 8:00AM-9:00AM. Cheryl McElhattenTom Agness and Chris Phillips will rotate as Prayer Leaders. Everyone in our Chapter Google Group will receive an invitation which will have a blue highlighted link to click on. Please consider joining us and belonging to our large group prayer. Please see Technical Tips below if you are calling by phone.Technical Tips for Joining a Zoom Meeting1.If you have an email from Cheryl, Tom, or Chris, simply click on the zoom link highlighted in blue.2. To join a zoom meeting from an internet capable device (smart phone or computer) just click on the blue link from the invite. You may be asked for the zoom meeting ID # and 6 Digit Passcode #.3.You may also join zoom meetings by the telephone without internet. In this case you will need to enter a the ID # and Passcode #. You will be able to hear the meeting but not see it. And they will be able to hear you. To mute and unmute your audio press #6 on your phone keypad.Are you interested in joining a Zoom Group?1. You can call the group’s facilitator ahead of time that’s wonderful. They can tell you about their group’s format and customs.2. Please arrive 15 minutes early to the zoom meeting, introduce yourself and be welcomed before the Centering Prayer begins. 3, You may like to give a little background about you experience with Centering Prayer. If you are new to the method you may ask about the 4 guidelines before prayer begins. If you have been doing Centering Prayer all you may need is a review of this group’s format.Would you like to get our COR_NY Google Groups Email Announcements?If you are new to our COR_NY groups and would like to be included our Google Email Group to learn about events, new groups, and updates please contact Cheryl McElhatten at with your email address. Thank you.Contemplative Outreach of Rochester, NY is a local Chapter of Contemplative Outr

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